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GST Login Portal - How to do GST login with GST Username & GST Password: GST (Goods and Service Tax) is going to be activated from April 2017.
Hence registration is mandatory at GST portal by all the registered taxpayer who is already registered under service tax and central excise or state tax laws (VAT).
It is mandatory to register them at GST portal to merge all kinds of tax system into one tax.
So, if you want to register yourself at GST portal and want to know about the login procedure then, you can check below step-wise details.
To do GST Portal login, you can need to create a user ID and password and if you want to create user ID and password then you will need to use the provisional ID and the password to create GST login ID and password.

What is the need to do Login

GST has been officially implemented in India on 1st July 2017 and it is considered as the best change in Indian Taxation system.
Once GST has been introduced, all the Indian Tax payers who were paying their Tax are now worried about the New GST Taxation system.
There are many people who are calling GST - Goods & Service Tax as "Game Changer".
Thousands of tax payers do not know how to pay their tax according to the new tax system.
They really are clueless about which portal to visit for paying their Tax in GST system.
Earlier when people wanted to make their tax payment, they used to visit the official GST Login website of Online Indian Tax Payment which is
But now all the tax payment will be done from the GST Portal.

Steps to do login with Username & Password

Visiting the GST Portal

A Very first step towards making GST Login is to visit the GST Portal portal first (Visit home page).
They are many Tax Payers and CA firm who are confused about the GST Official Portal.
There are many websites there which are providing the tutorials about making GST Login.
Do not get confused that they are an official portal.
They are just information portal related to GOOD & Service Tax.
Also, keep in mind that most of the official GST Portal end with the tld "". 
Most of the official GST Portal we visited ends with "".
We are providing you with the list of official GST Portal where you can visit to make GST Login ( login home page).
  • portal is the official website.
If you want to make login to GST Official Portal then visit

Find & Click "Login" Button

So, for goods and service tax login, visit the official website of GST -
Then the next step is to find the button or an option for Login.
When we are were making this tutorial at that time we found that "Login" button for GST login was on "top right corner".

Login - for First Time or Existing User Login

First, visit gst login page and when you will click on the "Login Button" in the above steps then a new screen will appear where you need to provide the GST Username & your GST Password, if you are existing user and not log in for the first time.
Also, there will be an option on the page where it will be mentioned that "If you are login for the first time then click here"

GST First Time Login

We are providing the tutorial for both first-time login Existing user login. 
First, check out the procedure for "How to make GST first time login" or goods and services tax login.
If you are a "New User" and want to do GST New User login to for the first time then follow the steps below else go to "Existing user login" section of this page.
For the first time login just click on the "Click here" link on the opened screen.

New User Login - Enter Provisional ID / GSTIN / UIN

As you selected the option for login first time.
Now you need to enter your "Provisional ID / GSTIN / UIN".
GST provisional ID / GSTIN / UIN has been provided to you after successful registration on GST portal.
If you do not remember your "Provisional ID / GSTIN / UIN" then check your email which you received after GST Registration.
Also, you get a GST Provision ID on your registered mobile number.
So you can get your "Provisional ID / GSTIN / UIN" from your phone inbox message.

New User Login - Enter Password

Now you need to provide the GST Password for your username.
Please note that password is case sensitive.
So it is very important to type the password in exactly same way.
If you forgot you GST password then do not worry. You can reset gst password of your account.

Click Login Button

Once you enter the correct username and password for your GST Account then click on the "Login" button.
If your entered "Provisional ID / GSTIN / UIN" & "Password" will be correct then you will successfully login to your GST portal for the first time.

Existing User login

Once you click the login button then you will see on the screen that it is asking for the "Username" & "Password".
The login existing user can go with this option for login.

Entering the Username

As you are the existing user.
So you must be having a valid username for GST Account.
Just enter your "Username" correctly and move to next step.

Entering the Password

Enter your GST Password Correctly.
It is very important to keep in mind that "Password" is case sensitive and you need to enter the correct password to make GST Login.

Security Tips : Keep changing your password time to time so that your GST Account will be safe.

Click the Login Button

If you have entered the correct "username" and "password" then next thing you need to do is to click on the "Login" button.
Finally, you will reach to your GST Account where you can perform all the task related to GST.
You can pay your taxes easily with any problem.
  • In this way, you can log into GST account through GST Portal and perform several tasks.

Contact Details

If you have any query about GST then you can contact GST help desk:
  • Help Desk Phone Number: 0124-4688999
  • Email ID:
  • GS login India Portal:
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